Nearly New Year....

New blog :)

So after much deliberation (mainly about my lack of grammar!) I decided to join the 21st century and get myself a blog.  I wanted to be able to log all the things I am making and this is the ideal way of doing so.   I don't mind that at the minute I am talking to myself, I am sure my Dad will be along at any moment to cheer me on.

So my first blog will be about my sewing 2012 list (If I write it down I may have half a chance of actually completing some of it):

  • Mastering curves online course
  • Brick quilt (Tutorial from Stitched in Colour) 
  • Union Jack cushions
  • A large quilt for my bed
  • Master zippers - including invisible ones
  • Improve FMQ skills
  • Take part in more online swaps
  • Design and make a quilt on EQ7
  • Make some quilts with the hundreds of patterns that I seem to have collected.
  • Use my scraps
So I am going to sign off my first blog post with the last quilt I made in 2011 - my SIL's christmas present.

Happy New Year


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